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HDMI Material certified

Update Time2019-09-16
HDMI Material certified
  • Period:
  • 2017-01-15 - 2018-01-15
  • Certification bodies:
  • Shenzhen baoan

  HDMI raw material we choose superial quality from this supplier ,Their quality is very well known in the industry .

 HDMI can transmit high fidelity signal without compression in a cable, because the HDMI data is about 5Gbps for loans, transmission quality is quite demanding, so HDMI certification to ensure product quality of communication, made HDMI legal certification of products, to ensure the quality and standard of signal transmission.

 In addition, HDMI belongs to the patent compulsory certification, if customers use HDMI Technology (using HDMI interface), which represents the product using HDMI patented technology to HDMI Association for authentication and authorization can be used, otherwise it is infringement. (this is why many customers will be seized by customs reasons)