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Android 8.1 new features

Android 8.1 new features
Issue Time:2018-11-30
Here’s a full list of the (notable) changes bundled in Android 8.1 Oreo:
  • Battery: If a user has a Bluetooth device connected to their smartphone, they’ll be able to see how much power it has from the Quick Settings shade.
  • Browsing: Safer Browsing allows applications from third-party developers to detect WebView attempts, which could point to malicious URLs.
  • Fingerprint: Users can instruct their unit to disable the fingerprint reader once an unregistered fingerprint is attempted multiple times.
  • Fixed:Android 8.1 Oreo fixes an issue that resulted in the Nexus 5X not playing audio through the speaker.Android 8.1 Oreo fixes an issue that resulted in the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL distorting audio while streaming video.
  • Notification: Applications are restricted to pushing one notification chime per second – and can, of course, be muted altogether.