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Types Of IPTV Services

Types Of IPTV Services

Issue Time:2018-12-14

There are many types of services offered by lots of providers and below you will find out in a little bit more information on the different types of IPTV services that can be provided such as;

1)  Live TelevisionYou can stream any live television station currently being broadcasted. 

2) Video on Demand:  Allows subscription user access to Video’s stored on a server. A user can access these movies whenever required from the VoD server’s media library.

3) TV on Demand (TVoD): This allows for pre-recorded Live TV shows to be played back at your convenience. 

4) Time-shifted TV: With Time-shifted TV any subscribers can rewind pause or even watch live tv later.

5) Near Video on Demand: Will have the same film running over and over again at different timeslots. For example, a cinema will show a movie at 10:00 am and then have another show at 10:30 am. Near Video on Demand works in the same way, by re-showing the same video at different intervals, typically 10–20 minutes.