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Do you know how to select a good TV Box?Is there any standards?

Do you know how to select a good TV Box?Is there any standards?
Issue Time:2018-05-05
Here we have three suggestions for you when you purchase TV Box.
Firstly, the price
Set-top box firmware upgrade capabilities:
The current hardware technology of high-definition TV set-top boxes has been very mature, but the software has room for further improvement. In particular, the strong compatibility and expandability of high-definition network TV set-top boxes can be realized through firmware upgrades. Therefore, the firmware upgrade capability is still necessary to consider when choosing. It also requires that you buy the product at that time does not support a certain function, but also need to be resolved through firmware upgrade. Some product failures can also be resolved through firmware upgrade.
Secondly,you see the TV set-top box function,its has three main functions as following:
1. High-quality television playback;
2. Abundant film and television drama on demand resources;
3.Users can download and install video software, play games, etc according to their needs.
Finally,you may see if the TV Box support to built-in hard disk. Can they be supported wireless Internet access? How about online video on demand? These problems are several major issues that tell you how to users need to select the good Box TV.