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Comparison between Andriod TV and Andriod TV BOX

Comparison between Andriod TV and Andriod TV BOX

Issue Time:2018-05-05

Comparion between Andriod TV & Andrios TV BOX 

 Android TV Advantages

· Everything is pre-loaded into the TV

· You only use one remote

Android TV Disadvantages

· Is way more expensive

· Limited amount of apps

· Slow processor speed

· You cannot install Apps from outside sources

· Most Apps require a subscription

Android TV Box Advantages

· Makes any TV into a Smart TV on steroids

· Much Cheaper than buying a TV

· Huge Database of Apps for streaming

· Portable

· can be used anywhere

· You can install any app you like, no restrictions

Andriod TV BOX Disadvantages

· Every TV needs its own box

· A little bit of a learning curve, but its still easy.


The cost of an Android TV,and its limited apps,would turn me off from buying one, and does not match the computing power of an Android TV Box .

My choice would be the Android TV Box.

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